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    Breaking Down the Costs of the Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program

    If you are considering pursuing an MBA, you have probably already researched a variety of programs and schools. One option you may be considering is the Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program. As with any graduate program, the cost of tuition and fees is an important factor to consider. In this article, I will break down the costs associated with the Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program, as well as provide tips for managing those costs.

    Introduction to Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program

    The Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program is designed for working professionals who want to advance their careers while continuing to work. The program can be completed entirely online, which offers flexibility for students who may not be able to attend classes in person due to work or family obligations.

    The program is AACSB-accredited and includes coursework in areas such as leadership, data analytics, and innovation. Students can choose from a variety of elective courses to tailor their education to their specific career goals.

    Understanding the Tuition and Fees for Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program

    The cost of tuition and fees for the Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program varies depending on a student’s residency status. As of the 2021-2022 academic year, the tuition for in-state students is $1,620 per credit hour, while the tuition for out-of-state students is $1,780 per credit hour. The program requires 48 credit hours to complete, so the total tuition for in-state students would be approximately $77,760, while the total tuition for out-of-state students would be approximately $85,440.

    In addition to tuition, students must also pay fees, which include a technology fee, a student activity fee, and a registration fee. The total fees for the program are approximately $2,000.

    In-state vs. Out-of-state Tuition

    As mentioned, the tuition for the Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program varies based on a student’s residency status. In-state students pay a lower tuition rate than out-of-state students. Students who live in New Jersey or who work for a company located in New Jersey are considered in-state students. If you are considering the program and live outside of New Jersey, it may be worth exploring whether you are eligible for in-state tuition based on your employment or residency status.

    Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities for Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program

    The Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program offers financial aid and scholarship opportunities to help offset the cost of tuition. Students can fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine their eligibility for federal loans and grants. In addition, the school offers merit-based scholarships to students who demonstrate academic and professional achievement.

    It is important to note that financial aid and scholarships may not cover the entire cost of tuition and fees, so it is important to have a plan for managing any remaining costs.

    Additional Costs to Consider

    In addition to tuition and fees, there may be additional costs associated with pursuing an online MBA. For example, students may need to purchase textbooks or other course materials. Some courses may require software or hardware that students do not already own. Students may also need to travel to campus for orientation or other in-person events.

    It is important to consider these additional costs when budgeting for an online MBA program.

    Comparison with Other Online MBA Programs

    When considering the cost of the Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program, it is helpful to compare it to the cost of other online MBA programs. According to U.S. News & World Report, the average cost of an online MBA program is $44,358. The Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program is more expensive than the average program, but it is important to consider the value of the program and the potential return on investment.

    Return on Investment (ROI) for Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program

    The return on investment (ROI) for an MBA program is an important consideration for many students. The ROI is the amount of money earned through salary increases and other benefits compared to the cost of the program. According to the Stevens Institute of Technology website, the average starting salary for graduates of the Online MBA Program is $113,000. This is a strong ROI, and it demonstrates the value of the program.

    Tips for Managing the Costs of an Online MBA Program

    Managing the costs of an online MBA program can be challenging, but there are steps you can take to make it more manageable. Here are a few tips:

    • Create a budget: Before you begin the program, create a budget that includes all of the costs associated with the program. This will help you anticipate any unexpected expenses and plan accordingly.
    • Apply for financial aid and scholarships: As mentioned, the Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program offers financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Be sure to take advantage of these resources to help offset the cost of tuition and fees.
    • Consider your employer’s tuition reimbursement program: Many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs for employees who pursue advanced degrees. Check with your employer to see if this is an option for you.
    • Look for cost-saving opportunities: There may be opportunities to save money on textbooks or other course materials by purchasing used or renting them. Be sure to explore all of your options before making purchases.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Tuition and Fees for Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program

    Here are a few frequently asked questions about the tuition and fees for the Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program:

    • How often do tuition rates change? Tuition rates typically change on an annual basis. Be sure to check the school’s website for the most up-to-date information.
    • Is there a payment plan option? Yes, the school offers a payment plan option that allows students to pay their tuition and fees in installments.
    • Are there any additional fees that students should be aware of? Students should be aware of the cost of textbooks and other course materials, as well as any travel expenses that may be required for in-person events.


    The Stevens Institute of Technology Online MBA Program is a rigorous and respected program that can help advance your career. While the cost of tuition and fees may be a concern for some students, there are resources available to help manage those costs. By carefully budgeting, taking advantage of financial aid and scholarships, and exploring cost-saving opportunities, you can make pursuing an online MBA more affordable.


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